Saturday, March 8, 2014

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Well I guess it's about time that We update this blog.

Wed. 3/5/14
 We left as a group to tour Yad Veshem -(Holacaust Museum) this was a self guided audio tour. As we toured, the visual graphics left many with a new and better understanding of what was done to the Jewish people, and any other person that stood in the way of Hilter's plan to have a supreme race.
 We were not allowed to take any picture or video in the Museum, so what was seen will be in our hearts forever.
   After the tour we gathered together for some lunch in tha cafateria and then proceeded to go to visit a home for children that have been removed from their homes do to various reasons.
  We were introduced to the kids and then went outside to a courtyard to play soccor, basketball, and the toss the balls around that we took along for them, soon WE were tired out and the Pizza arrived.
We had olive,corn,mushroom and plain cheese Pizza (thank God for just plain). And what brings a smile to a kids face but...... candy. We brought a bunch with us from back home.
  As the night wound down we all had a chance to share a few words and the kids did to they were all very thankful for the pizza and candy but mostly for the time that was spent with them to the point that we were invited back and they would cook for us.Sorry no pictures where aloud to be taken inside

Thursday 3/6/14
 We arose early to start our day visiting the Holy sites. We took taxi's thru the old city to the Mount of Olives were we met our tour guide Ayreell.

view of the Mount of Olives

This is the view from the Mount Of Olives towards the Eastern Wall. The section to the right is the Golden Gate, the Gate that Christ will go thru on his return.

The Great Feast

After the packaging of food on Tuesday

We traveled to a banquet hall to serve survivors of the Holocaust. What an awesome time we had even with the language barrier we shared a meal and fellowship together.

 Kim and Neal singing

We all had a chance to share a few words to the group about where we are from and why we are here. All we interpreted by Maxeem our guide for the day.
this is Maxeem

They gave us little flashlights and taught us a Hebrew Song

Some of the food that was served
Neal and Kim 
Thank you for looking and sorry it took so long, very busy and sometimes very tired


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

made to Newark

We made it to Newark Airport. Thanks to Skip and co-pilot Merv for the fine transportation and God for his grace for the safety of all and the return trip to Lancaster Co.
We got thru security and found something to eat and chatted for a while. Now we wait until 9:30 to  go thru another security check point and hopefully board and fly out at 10:45.
  Praying for patience

Tues Mar 4 2014

Well first day to awake in God's Country. What an awesome day it is.
 We left for S'derot at 8:30 to unload a truck of food and package it into 200 plus bags. These bags are then given out to 200 families in this community mostly Russian Jews that have imergated to Israel. S'derot is about 2 miles from the Palistine controled Gaza Strip. The pictures below are of the
food center where we worked

 Entrance to the center
 getting ready to put the bags together
We unloaded 4 pallets of food

 Geraldine and Kim on box duty
Joann getting bags ready to fill
Now we are off to host the banquet for the Holacost survivors.
Shalom till later!
Oh by the way its 74 and sunny
 Please post your comments or questions

Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday March 3rd

We Have arrived!! Landed Tel-Aviv at 3:20 PM. We had a wonderful bus driver to get us to the Center. Arrived here at 6:00 found our rooms and gathered for Dinner of Spaghetti and salad.
We are now gathered in living room area and are being blessed by the singing of Hallelujah by a local group that practices at the center. what beautiful voices all in Hebrew. God is good!
Good night for now been a long day and to be a long day tommorow. Shalom

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday March 1st

In a little over 24 hrs we will gather as a team and head for Newark airport to begin our journey to the Holy Land. We pray that the snow holds off long enough for us to get to the airport and that the van and driver gets home safe.
   Join us Sunday at 10:15 for awesome seremon from Pastor Bruce, communion, blessing of the mission team, and a great time worshiping the Lord. <><